At Montana Shop Amsterdam on display a collection of work that brings together strong visual components to create robust and striking screenprints. Glider’s cut ‘n paste, layered approach resembles the way early Hip-Hop DJs juggled existing material to recreate a whole new vibe.

Haarlem-based art collective Donny Glider’s (Hugo Loning & Jaron Reddy) work brings together strong visual components to create robust and distinctively striking screenprints. Take ‘Bad Time for the Empire’ for example, where a blend of seemingly unhinged elements – 16th century feminism, public transport, Hip-Hop and graffiti – come together to form an eye-catching centerpiece, which applauds the very essence of protest and rebellion. That infinite spirit of recreated, mash-up cultural expression is where Dutch Graffiti Library and 
the Haarlem duo share common ground.

With this exhibition, Dutch Graffiti Library creates an environment that offers opportunities for the current underground and its exponents. Glider’s headliner on display also incorporates material from the Haarlem graffiti scene of the 1980s taken from the collection of Dutch Graffiti Library.

On display from Oct. 12 to Nov. 25, 2023

Montana Shop Amsterdam
Sint Antoniesbreestraat 138
1011 HB Amsterdam