Our goal

It’s About Graffiti Culture
We are working towards our ultimate goal: A museum dedicated to the history of graffiti culture through objects and stories from the Dutch Graffiti Library collection, complemented by an exhibition space for emerging and established underground artists with a street-smart mentality.

Accessible to the public and science
The Dutch Graffiti Library Foundation is responsible for making its collection accessible to the public and science by means such as:

The Foundation is convinced that the Dutch Graffiti Library collection can be of great added value to research and in historical education. That it can inspire and contribute to the effective dissemination of knowledge about the graffiti culture or derivatives of this culture. The Foundation serves as a knowledge platform and modern library and will make the Dutch Graffiti Library collection accessible to education professionals, museums, researchers, incrowd and other interested people. The Foundation strives for cooperation within the graffiti culture and embraces the DIY (Do It Yourself) mentality.

Composition of the board
The board is formed by Nathalie van der Hak, Robin Vermeulen and Marcel van Tiggelen. With this composition, the Dutch Graffiti Library Foundation complies with the Cultural Governance Code.

The daily operation is done by Sanne van Doorn (Director) and Richard van Tiggelen (Curator). Together they form the two-man management. The management defines the artistic vision and strategy and translates this into an attractive and qualitatively strong exhibition, collection and education policy that keeps Dutch Graffiti Library interesting and relevant. The board is responsible for the business and operational organization and ensures effective management, roll-out of activities and a balanced financial policy.