Stories about graffiti culture

Seemingly Unhinged by Donny Glider


On display a collection of work that brings together strong visual components to create robust and striking screenprints. Glider’s cut ‘n paste, layered approach resembles the way early Hip-Hop DJs juggled existing material to recreate a whole new vibe.

Amsterdam street art


Amsterdam has always been a unique location in the world of art from the streets. The city provided a grateful canvas for local writers and became popular among international artists as well. Many of them found the space they needed to further develop their art on the walls of squatted and empty buildings, in the quiet streets and remote areas.

Raise the Level


In the gigantic work Raise the Level on the STRAAT Museum Amsterdam impressive side wall, Shepard Fairey calls attention to improving the dire state of our planet and makes an appeal for us to work together to do so. For this mural, Fairey makes the move to collaborate with Amsterdam graffiti legend Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman.

‘Bad pictures’ centraal in unieke expo


Waar de legendarische fotografe Martha Cooper in de jaren 80 een van de beste graffiti fotografen ter wereld was, gingen tieners in de jaren 80 en 90 ook de straat op om foto's te maken van graffiti. Dit werd gedaan met wegwerpcamera's of een simpel analoog toestel.



A solo exhibition by SHOE featuring his most recent body of work at The Curators Room in Amsterdam. Internationally known for his graffiti art, Shoe created Calligraffiti. Now, the artist reached what he semi-ironically calls Carrigraffiti: signs, interventions, actual paintings created by using his car as a tool.

Step into a world!


Stap binnen bij Foundation. Maak kennis met de one and only Amsterdam Hip Hop Academy en ervaar waar jongeren in de jaren ‘80 zich door lieten inspireren en hun kennis vandaan haalden over graffiti als onderdeel van hiphop culture.

Graffiti culture in a museum


In the Centrale Markthal Amsterdam we are going to offer a cultural experience under the name About Graffiti Culture, where everything we do is related to graffiti culture.

Celebrating unity


The hip hop movement that emerged in the Bronx and took over the world can teach us a lot about creativity. At Dutch Creativity Festival we join Edson Sabajo, Patta and friends as they take over diverse and unexpected areas.

Het Groninger verhaal


Kladmuur Hangout stond in mei 2021 met 3 afleveringen al stil bij de geschiedenis van graffiti in Rotterdam. Nu droppen ze een nieuwe podcast die vanaf 27 oktober start en waarin je naar het Groninger verhaal kunt luisteren.

The one and only


The graffiti 'D.D.T. 666' is the only remaining original Dr. Rat (Ivar Vičs, 21 May 1960 - 29 June 1981) graffiti in Amsterdam. For that reason it was recently restored on the initiative of Stadsdeel...

Graffiti & Street fashion


When hiphop culture started to spread among the masses in the 1980s, it didn’t take long for graffiti to have an impact on fashion; It moved from the walls and subway cars to our everyday lives...



Under the roof of Denim City, located in the renovated old tram depot De Hallen Amsterdam, we put graffiti on the map as cultural heritage...

The Dutch adventures of Keith Haring


When American artist Keith Haring, then 27, comes to the Netherlands for his first solo exhibition in Amsterdam in the spring of 1986, he doesn’t spend all his time at the Stedelijk Museum. He goes...

Strijd met verf en inkt


Vrijdag 20 september 1985 - De documentaire ‘Strijd met verf en inkt’, die de VARA vrijdag uitzendt, is een onderhoudende, soms humoristische en onthullende kijk op die wereld van bizarre tekening...

‘This is not another drop’


Ruyzdael announces the release on October 25th of Shave’s Cut, Cult. Need. & Dedication in collaboration with Dutch Graffiti Library. The book is a tribute to graffiti in the Netherlands. A manifest...



In collaboration with the HipHopHuis and guest curator Lee Stuart, the Kunsthal Rotterdam presents an exhibition about hip-hop and its influence on fashion and lifestyle...



AGAIN, in collaboration with FRESHCOTTON and CARHARTT WIP, present AMSTERDAM ON TOUR. A book that takes you inside the wild Amsterdam graffiti scene of the late 70s and early 80s...

Disz’s years Down Under


This story is a special visual epilogue that Dutch Graffiti Library wants to share due to all the positive and remarkable reactions we have received after publishing the book: “Disz. The first Dutch...

Unlock Book Fair 2018 Amsterdam


The Unlock Book Fair 2018 is a meeting of the international graffiti and street art publishing scene in two days of amazing publications, talks, launches and screenings. Entrance is free...

Tag: Name Writing in Public Space


The Tag Conference is an unprecedented event that gathers scholars and specialists from all over the world to explore name writing, or tagging. In 2018 the Tag Conference travels to Amsterdam...

StarArena and the Atomic Baby Clones


The Dutch Graffiti Library proudly presents a new collection high-light: the #0 custom made Atomic Baby Clone, alter-ego TOY of the original Gods Vicious Baby ANGEL GVB TBH CTK. 100% concept, created...

Stadscurator beschermt


Van wie is kunst in de openbare ruimte en wie beschermt deze werken? Als het aan GroenLinks ligt krijgt de stad een curator die zich over straatkunst ontfermt. Het is kwalijk dat niemand precies weet...

The battle of Waterloo


The following story is an exerpt taken from the book Amsterdam Graffiti: The Battle of Waterloo written and designed by Dutch Graffiti Library, Remko Koopman and Hein S. Published by Stadsuitgeverij...

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