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We work towards our ultimate goal a dynamic and sustainable alternative space for art, heritage and education, based on the street. A physical location where we can show and experience the history of (Dutch) graffiti culture, create an environment that offers opportunities to the current underground and its exponents. We believe in connecting with the next generation based on the mentality of the past and the movements of today. Expected opening 2023!
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Stories About Graffiti Culture

Celebrating unity


The hip hop movement that emerged in the Bronx and took over the world can teach us a lot about creativity. At Dutch Creativity Festival we join Edson Sabajo, Patta and friends as they take over diverse and unexpected areas.

Het Groninger verhaal


Kladmuur Hangout stond in mei 2021 met 3 afleveringen al stil bij de geschiedenis van graffiti in Rotterdam. Nu droppen ze een nieuwe podcast die vanaf 27 oktober start en waarin je naar het Groninger verhaal kunt luisteren.

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Amsterdam notes

The Dutch adventures of Keith Haring

An inside story by Chris Reinewald (1955), published by Dutch Graffiti Library, about Keith Haring (1958-1990) in Holland, just before his worldwide breakthrough. Plus: never shown works by Haring and the Dutch graffiti scene of the 1980’s.
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The first Dutch writer bombing
the New York City subway


Finally after more than 30 years an answer to the question “What is a young man from The Hague doing bombing the one line in the 145th Street Tunnel with Bodé nudes?” asked in the book ‘Spraycan Art’ has arisen!
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