With the screening of several films, Q&A with filmmakers and artists and talks by experts, Blind Walls Film Fest takes the audience into the world behind the art form. Where does the phenomenon come from, who are its creators and what is the impact on the environment? These questions are explored from different perspectives in the films shown.

Dutch Graffiti Library created five brief films using video footage that was taken during the early 1990s, displaying graffiti pieces found on walls and in subway stations captured by simple camcorders. All five short films will feature video footage exclusively shot by the Dutch Graffiti Library. This footage will be shown for the first time upon entering the central space at Blind Walls Film Fest 2023. These films offer an exceptional glimpse into the era, showcasing a group of individuals who enthusiastically sought to protect their heritage in the manner they preferred

The films demonstrate that the value of moving images depends not only on technical aspects like depth of field, colour balance, or composition, but also on the narrative they communicate. The unfiltered and authentic quality of this never-before-seen video material provides a unique cultural experience, offering an insight into young cultural heritage from the streets.

Blind Walls Film Fest returns on December 8, 9 and 10 at Chassé Cinema and focuses entirely on the world behind murals, street art and graffiti. With a wide range of films, Q&As and masterclasses, the film festival from Breda makes the social impact of art from the streets visible and debunks prevailing prejudices. Check the program!