Under the roof of Denim City, located in the renovated old tram depot De Hallen Amsterdam, we put graffiti on the map as cultural heritage.

From this historic location where different stories come together, we take the next step with Dutch Graffiti Library. By showing work, sharing knowledge and actively looking for collaboration, we create interest in graffiti heritage. Our collection offers stories, context and inspiration for people, brands and organizations. We believe in connecting with the next generation based on the mentality of the past and the movements of today.

Inspire & contribute
The Dutch Graffiti Library Foundation is responsible for making its collection accessible to the public and science. From a beautiful bright showroom of 32 square meters we initiate new projects, collaborate and create small exhibitions. Because we are located in Denim City we have the opportunity to use all the facilities available in Hall 5 of the renovated tram depot. By displaying items from the graffiti culture, we give students and visitors content and inspiration.

Dutch Graffiti Library

De Hallen Amsterdam

Hannie Dankbaarpassage 22
1053 RT Amsterdam