After more than four decades the lifework and unique heritage of tattoo legend Henk Schiffmacher will be valorized, preserved and made visible and accessible to the public. We are proud that Sanne van Doorn and Richard van Tiggelen in the name of Dutch Graffiti Library are closely involved as two of the participant of the ‘Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage’.

Throughout the years, tattoo legend Henk Schiffmacher has embarked on a journey, looking for the origins of the old-age ritual of tattooing. This brought him to fascinating places and people, from all over the world.

Items from the collection of Henk Schiffmacher

Henk Schiffmacher did not only make countless pieces of art, he also collected tens of thousands. The Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage contains Henk’s collection, the corresponding archive and knowledgebase. The Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage purpose is to secure, conserve, valorize, lend and watch over the collection, knowledge, library and craftmanship of Henk Schiffmacher in general for present and future generations.

Items from the collection of Henk Schiffmacher. (On the left ‘Seen’, airbrush on canvas, mid 80s)

As a reliable partner with both love for street culture and heritage we work together. We share knowledge and think along. The drive and experience of the Dutch Graffiti Library added value to the vision and idea’s to safeguard the cultural heritage of Henk Schiffmacher’s collection for the future

For more information check the Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage website.

What makes a subway car run? by Seen. This work has been specially published as a screen print in 3 colors on aluminum. The aluminum is similar in material to the NYC subways. This work was made by Seen on the occasion of his solo exhibition in collaboration with Henk & Louise Schiffmacher, Amsterdam 2003. (Picture on the left ‘Seen’ displayed at the famous Schiffmacher & Veldhoen Tattoo shop, collection Henk Schiffmacher). Next to it an article about Seen with his view on the approach to graffiti as an art form, Amsterdam 2003. Xerox copy collection Dutch Graffiti Library.