Kings of Colors exposes the charisma, mentality and dynamics of ‘early days’. Kings of Colors, founded in 2013 by Jan-Henk van Ieperen (1972) and Patrick de Kaste (1972), is raw, pure, creative, colourfull and pigheaded. Kings of Colors was born 5 years ago out of a desire and a strong need to provide a stage for Urban Arts & Culture.

Early day jam in The Netherlands. PWA-hal Zoetermeer 1987.
Photo: MvdB / Sir45

In the graffiti culture are the things we do largely based on the years 1983 -’89. Publications like Watching My Name Go By (1973), Getting Up, Subway Graffiti in New York (1982), Subway Art (1984), International Graffiti Times (1984) and Spraycan Art (1986) spread the Graffiti- and HipHop-virus worldwide. Talking about early day jams, writers came together on small-scale events or spontaneous crew actions, but that was then. Nowadays there are a lot of urban jams and parties to celebrate the culture and to show outsiders some love. But not every jam is worthy to write about…

Style writers Dphazer and Cosh, Zoetermeer 1987. Represent at Kings of Colors.
Photo: Dutch Graffiti Library

How different is Kings of Colors… A line up with style writers that made there marks on society, representative and true to the game. The vibe like how it was on the local jams in the early days, that’s the deal at Kings of Colors. During the three-day event you will see old school pioneers with classical graffiti to the new generation of urban artists. To enables understanding who we are, what inspires us, which visual language we consider sacred and where we come from.

Herz made his mark on society, Amsterdam 2002. Represent at Kings of Colors.
Photo: Amber Dekker / Dutch Graffiti Library

In addition, Kings of Colors gives art and cultural expressions arising from Urban (sub)cultures their own visibility and position within the art and cultural sector, not only by organizing their own festival but also by creating connections with other cultural institutions and events

Kings of Colors Festival
14, 15 & 16 JUNI 2019

Check the program and be there!

Page3 TFP INC GVB, Amsterdam. Represent at Kings of Colors.
Photo: Page3