Graffiti culture is embraced worldwide as the basis of modern art movements and is also widely used in fashion and design. It is a culture that stimulates development and creates visibility. The Netherlands has played a major role in the emergence of this graffiti culture since the 1970s and it is therefore of historical importance that this heritage of the street is presented, displayed and inspired in a beautiful place for the generation growing up today.

In the Centrale Markthal Amsterdam we are going to offer a cultural experience under the name About Graffiti Culture, where everything we do is related to graffiti culture. For a wide audience we will make stories visible for inspiration, awareness and creative development. With an interactive and dynamic presentation in the form of an exhibition, complemented by education, lectures, workshops and film screenings.

We make part of the space in the warehouse available to artists with the street as their foundation. In the space, artists themselves can show what motivates them and/or what graffiti as a foundation has meant to them. The reflection will be diverse and inclusive.

Dutch Graffiti Library is convinced that the collection and associated stories are of great value for research and education and can also inspire many people, organizations and cultural institutions. In addition, a broad reflection of society recognizes itself, the stories told and the mentality that is inextricably linked to graffiti culture. Through the conversations, activities, projects and initiatives we have initiated in recent years, we have been strengthened in our belief that the collection and stories from graffiti culture can be seen as cultural heritage. The contents of the collection, as well as the associated and underlying stories, contribute to the material and immaterial heritage of Dutch society.

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