*** The Dutch Graffiti Library proudly presents a new collection high-light: the #0 custom made Atomic Baby Clone, alter-ego TOY of the original Gods Vicious Baby ANGEL GVB TBH CTK. 100% concept, created and donated by PJay “BabyAngel” Frith!! •••

This right here will be the last chapter in the series ‘The life and tribulations of PJAY (BabyAngel) FRITH… Toy King!’. A closed ending? No, quite the opposite, consider this the beginning of a new storyline in the saga of PJay ‘BabyAngel’ Frith. A story with an open ending with a fortunate future based upon the strong support of real men and cool women. Dutch Graffiti Library took you on a journey through the history of ANGEL TBH GVB CTK. This journey was the official introduction of ‘the game’ that will be played from this moment on. Walls have become board-positions, tags turned into cards and the players of the game are called the Atomic Baby Clones. Created by the man you admire as a hero from the old days, the man that once made you travel to the ‘big bad city’, made you jump out of bed early before daybreak to check out his latest shit in the streets. He was one of the chosen few responsible for that cool Amsterdam 90’s vibe you loved so much. Too much honor? We of DGL think not. The ability to add another dimension to the universe called ‘Post Graffiti’ is a gift only meant for the greatest players in the game. Great players need support! The good thing is now supporters can also become great players. As of now you’re the one in control of the cards, now you can claim the position of your liking on the board. The battle continues…its the same game that was being played in the old days but now the action takes place in a higher dimension. Check the words of ANGEL in chapter 3 of this story: “Everybody will soon be fiending for playing the same game I was living in way back in the 90’s. I create the ‘StarArena’, you’ll join my game or you’ll stay stuck in the TBHeritage. A choice not difficult to make, in my opinion.”

I support The Baby Hype
ANGEL: “The ultimate goal is to create a steady fanbase which will give me the freedom and opportunity to further develop the StarArena. You can choose to support my mission by donating an amount of money via www.patreon.com/PJay_Frith. In return you get a whole bunch of things. Like in the old days, when I donated my tags and throw-ups to the city, I now give to my supporters the entrance to the StarArena, exclusive ‘Cards’ and the opportunity to experience ‘things’. My second goal is building a strong foundation, a community of people, helping me out by giving input and feedback on the progression of the game. Just as the collaboration of minds in the CTK-era made us all able to play the next level a unification of mindpower by StarArena-players will help me to push things further. This is what the support-crew is meant for!”

I became the embodiment of a Toy!
“All I did was rocking my superfast throw-up style letters and cartoons”, as mentioned before by ANGEL while contemplating his method of operation in the early 90’s. Concerning his mentality he had this to say: “I’ve got to Conquer the World. Born out of the graffitimentality, we must Bomb Further!”

Now, 27 years later, the real deal is his advanced way of ‘bombing further’ with superfast throw-up cartoons will finally come to life! The Atomic Baby Clones, the alter-ego TOY’s of the original Gods Vicious Baby: ANGEL GVB TBH CTK have literally turned into real ‘3-D Throw Ups’. The personification of ANGEL GVB TBH CTK by which he once again adds another High-end level to the game called ‘Post Graffiti’. As of now the Clones, who play an important role in the StarArena, are running free and wild through your world. They will not blink an eye before jumping into battle with everyone that’s not willing to play a fair game!

Together we stay strong
The chapters I CAN PRESENT MYSELF AS A CRIME TIME KING BUT I’D RATHER BE A TOY!, THE BABY HYPE AND THE GODS VICIOUS BABIES and ONE ‘THROW-UP’ IN AN EDITION OF 40.000 are written to make you understand the real motive behind the actions of ANGEL. To show where he came from and to give you a glimpse of his future travels. To show you his dream and his way of making this dream a reality. Now its time for your support, frontline soldiers need back-up! We don’t hold out hands, we make fists together! The game must go on, fight the battle in The StarArena, A Cyber-Combat Card and Boardgame, For All Rages! We support PJay “BabyAngel” Frith and The Baby Hype! What’s your next move…?

Next up: Dutch Graffiti Library is proud to announce its first online show titled: Angelz and Demons

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‘#0 custom made Atomic Baby Clone, ANGEL GVB TBH CTK ‘ – collection Dutch Graffiti Library
English translation: Remko Koopman.