Museum About Graffiti Culture

Stories and objects
from Dutch Graffiti Library collection

We are working towards our ultimate goal: a dynamic and sustainable alternative space for art, heritage and education, based on the street. A physical location where we can show the history of graffiti culture through objects and stories from the Dutch Graffiti Library collection. In addition, we create an environment that offers opportunities for the current underground and its exponents. Expected opening spring 2024!

Stories About Graffiti Culture

Amsterdam street art


Amsterdam has always been a unique location in the world of art from the streets. The city provided a grateful canvas for local writers and became popular among international artists as well. Many of them found the space they needed to further develop their art on the walls of squatted and empty buildings, in the quiet streets and remote areas.

Raise the Level


In the gigantic work Raise the Level on the STRAAT Museum Amsterdam impressive side wall, Shepard Fairey calls attention to improving the dire state of our planet and makes an appeal for us to work together to do so. For this mural, Fairey makes the move to collaborate with Amsterdam graffiti legend Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman.

‘Bad pictures’ centraal in unieke expo


Waar de legendarische fotografe Martha Cooper in de jaren 80 een van de beste graffiti fotografen ter wereld was, gingen tieners in de jaren 80 en 90 ook de straat op om foto's te maken van graffiti. Dit werd gedaan met wegwerpcamera's of een simpel analoog toestel.

Short movies

Online showing of activities, trailers and clips About Graffiti Culture.

Amsterdam notes

The Dutch adventures of Keith Haring

An inside story by Chris Reinewald (1955), published by Dutch Graffiti Library, about Keith Haring (1958-1990) in Holland, just before his worldwide breakthrough. Plus: never shown works by Haring and the Dutch graffiti scene of the 1980’s.
The first Dutch writer bombing
the New York City subway


Finally after more than 30 years an answer to the question “What is a young man from The Hague doing bombing the one line in the 145th Street Tunnel with Bodé nudes?” asked in the book ‘Spraycan Art’ has arisen!
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